Our Photographers

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Brent has been a Professional Photographer for 20 years and is an expert in several areas of traditional and electronic imaging [including: color management, pre-press, 4 color printing and workflow management].

Brent specializes in Wedding and Event photography as well as Commercial work. 

I cut my teeth here at Sylvart, it was my first studio gig. It was an amazing experience and created some life-long friendships - not to mention a marriage. [FYI - Brent and Teri Ann are married]

After college, Brent purchased Fineart Studios - a commercial photography studio and serviced several national and international clients. His love of Wedding photography pulled him back into the portrait world and in 2010 Fineart Studios merged with Sylvarts to bring everything full circle.

Brent is the Board President of Professional Photographers of Ohio and on the Advisory Board of Skip Cohen University.

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Teri Ann

Teri Ann is a classically trained Portrait Artist and one of the finest photographers in the state.

Teri Ann is a perfectionist. 

She simply will not accept less. She is on a mission to make everyone look their absolute best in every portrait. Double checking hair, jewelry, lighting and every detail while making a portrait. Her attention to detail would seem tedious if you weren't having so much fun during the session. 

She makes it look easy, but there are thousands of hours of training and expertise at work every time she presses the shutter.

The only mark against her was marrying Brent . . .



Cortney is in charge of making the trains run on time - not an easy task when surrounded by artists.

She is a wonderful Senior and Childrens portrait photographer as well as the secret to why all of our prints look so amazing.

Cortney ran our darkroom for years and, after coming into the light (and camera room) she still demands the same quality from our labs.

She has a remarkable eye for color and refuses to accept anything short of excellence.