This has been around for a while. It was an ad/promo for Kodak, but it is an incredible statement about the importance of what we do, why it is important and, as time passes - it becomes priceless. 

Yeah, we cry a little at the end; if you do too, you are our  kind of people.  Enjoy.

The Sylvart Story 

Sylvart Studio has consistently been a leader in the photographic industry for almost 7 decades. Our photographers have won numerous awards for their portraits of high school seniors, children, families, and weddings. We combine experience with the latest technology to bring our clients the best of everything!

Our studio has been recognized as one of the most unique studios in Ohio. We are located in a 4 story historic building. This offers our clients a wide variety of natural settings. Therefore, every session is unique.

5 Reasons you will LOVE your portraits!

  • We guarantee it! If you are not 100% satisfied we will do whatever it takes to make you happy!
  • We look at each client with a fresh eye to capture their personality and natural charm.
  • You will receive portraits - unlike anything you find at a conventional studio - that are real, natural, fun, and spontaneous.
  • You will have time. We won't rush you. You will relax and have a good time!
  • You will have a great experience. Everyone involved will leave with enjoyable memories.

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