Senior Investment


So, what is a typical investment?


That depends on the family and the need, we have a $200 minimum order, but many families decide they want more.  It is reasonable to anticipate an investment of $500-$1500 - and that is true for any studio of quality. This ballpark ensures you of a beautiful wall portrait, some gift size prints (8x10's & 5x7's) and a number of wallets from a few poses.

More people will see your Senior Portraits than any other picture of you for your entire life - including your wedding portraits!

So invest in the studio that will make them absolutely incredible!

Do the dollars make sense?

We understand that price is sometimes a deciding factor when choosing a photography studio. With portraits this important, you should look at many factors, such as: creativity, quality and variety. Sylvart takes great pride in making sure your senior portraits are gorgeous and you will be proud to display them in your home and share them with your friends.

Due to the size of our order guide, we don't publish the full price list here on our website - Custom Artwork requires an explanation so you can make an informed decision. If you would like additional information on pricing, please call the studio and schedule a time to tour our amazing building. We will be happy to provide you with pricing information at that consultation.

You will NEVER be pressured into making a purchase you do not want! In fact, unlike other studios, you will get to take your previews home for a week to make your decisions. How awesome is that?

Please call us to schedule a free (no obligation) consultation and we can explain everything in person. 330-745-9921


100% Money Back Guarentee

When you come to your preview , we show you all of the amazing images from your session and we explain all of your order options (both Collections and Build-Your-Own) .

If you don't absolutely love your images, and decide you don't want to order from them, we will refund all of the money you have spent with us. That is the safest we can make you feel. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. But, here is your warning.  you will love EVERYTHING!  

FYI - in all the years we have had a money-back guarantee, no one has ever taken it.